Ohto (A Bear)

Ohto (A Bear)

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Title: Otso (A Bear)
Artist: Reetta Koski
Technique: Oil on plywood
Size: width 50 cm x height 50 cm (x plywood depth 4 cm)
Year: 2020
Details: The artwork has plywood boarders and is ready to be displayed. There is a signature on the back. 

Artist's thought about the artwork:

By a legend, a bear has landed from the sky, from the Ursa Major (Otava) constellation. For the ancient Finns, a bear was a sacred and respected animal. 

In many mythologies of many Nordic nations bears are related to humans, and maybe also the ancient Finns have believed in this. By using euphemisms the ancient Finns wanted to avoid calling the beast and king of the forest too close. Therefore, maybe the oldest word for a bear in Finnish is Otso, Ohto, or similar.