Sell your arts, design, or handcrafts via us

Are you a fine artist, a photographer, a designer, or an artisan? If so, it’s great that you found us!

We are a new international digital store and marketing service for fine arts, design, and premium handcrafts, from Finland. We aim at making fine arts and design sales personal, fun, and involving.

About our results: We only started our service in October 2020, but we have already a social reach of hundreds of thousands, and thousands visits to our web store, and multiple sales.

How to sell and market your artwork & handcrafts or ready-made design products with us:

We have a strong experience on digital sales and marketing, and we publish and market your work for free. Our varying activities include, for example:

  • Visibility here on our online store and on our social media channels, e.g. Instagram @artbyiivanainen
  • Paid digital display, social, and search engine marketing
  • Occasional other marketing activities, like print ads

We take a royalty % only when your artwork gets sold. No sales, no cost for you. Fair as that.

How to sell your pattern designs for us

 We produce in Finland at premium partners. You can offer us pattern design for our collection.

Joining is free for you. We will produce the items on our business risk, and you will receive a royalty % out of the sales.

How to offer your work:

  • E-mail us at:
  • In your message, tell us a bit about yourself and your experience as an artist, craftsman, or designer.
  • Attach clear photos, unfiltered photos of the artwork you’d like to offer us for sales.
  • Do not send photos of artwork that is not available for sales. You can, however, of course link to your professional profile with more info or photos.
  • Important: if the files are big, send them as We Transfer links.
  • We will get back to you as soon as possible

The core team of professionals at your service:

Erika Vitikainen

Erika Vitikainen

Aalto University, School of Economics and Business Administration, Majored in: International Business
Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts

Erika has a strong and wide background in digital sales and marketing, as well as managing software development go-to-market, and design, e.g. from Telia and F-Secure. You may check Erika’s professional profile at LinkedIn

Salla Iivanainen

Salla Iivanainen

Salla has an extensive proficiency in evaluating art, and art consulting and teaching, graphic design, layout designing, audio and video production and cultural events production in international teams. Additionally, Salla may also provide you with art and culture consultation, in case you wish to get professional views on your artwork or cultural projects.

Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Master of Arts
You may check Salla's professional profile at LinkedIn

Laura Sivonen

Laura Sivonen
Graphic and Web Designer

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor of Media (Graduated)
XAMK, Graphic Design (ongoing)

Laura has wide cross-platform skills in traditional and digital media. She holds a strong grasp in visual design, and a little tech-savviness with a dash of artistic and illustrative flare.You may check Laura’s professional profile at LinkedIn

Marianne Kiesi

Marianne "Nanne" Kiesi
Graphic Designer and Couturier

Education: Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Culture and Arts
Majored in: Fashion and Clothing

Marianne offers our company wide expertise with her graphic design skills, compositions of decoration textiles and graphic patterns, and fabric production consulting.

Kari Leino
Financial and tax counseling for art retailing, and company accounting

KS Tilipalvelu KreditStöd
For questions related to financing & accounting, please approach us at:

Also, last but not least, with us in spirit and heart of the company: 

Tuulikki Iivanainen

Tuulikki Iivanainen
Painter and grandma to grandchildren as well as to great-grandchildren

In addition, we have a wide professional network of other part-time professionals of search engine optimization, performance arts and translation, for example, who are here to help you. Do not hesitate to reach out for our assistance.

Other information:

At any time you have questions, you may contact us. We answer both in Finnish and in English. We aim at serving you fast and personally. 


Legal operator of our services is Diginative Oy, and its auxiliary business name Art by Iivanainen.
Business ID: 2718479-4
VAT number: FI27184794
Mailing address: Sturenkatu 26, 00510 Helsinki

Diginative Oy is in charge of the retailing taxes of your works and any other accounting via a certified accountant. The artists are responsible for their own taxation. 

About our values:

We support equality between different industries of art, multiple genders, different cultures, technology and arts, and all of the people. We deeply value nature, humanity and animal life. 

We will not promote any such works of art that most people would deem to be strongly against our core values, nor will we work with artists that publicly represent values in public, which are directly in opposition to ours. For example, with any information available, we aim at not displaying any racist or misogynistic works, or artworks of artists, who in public state racist or misogynistic opinions, or directly harm animals in the production of their artworks. 

We refrain from displaying works that integrally feature strong, direct political or religious statements, because our aim is to bridge the gap between different people with the deep power of art and literature – and not to create deeper division. Note, however: Some elements of political or religious context or narratives are accepted, if they can viewed as raising personal or societal conversation without provocation to hate speech or destructive segregation.

We reserve all rights to choose the works we display and terminate service if for whatever reason we feel that our brand or other principles are violated after publication or for any other reason that may affect how our business is run.

With joy and goodwill, we welcome you to our friendly and fair art community!