Customized Artworks

Customized Art Orders

We provide customized artworks for your home, office, and public spaces.

Were you taken by an artist, a style, or an art piece on our page that still wasn’t quite the right fit for you? Feel free to submit a custom work order for us.

In your message to us, please tell what art piece or artist were you interested in, what exactly speaks to you about their work, and what kind of art you would like yourself. If there’s a precise size in your mind, let us know that as well or if you already know where the work would be displayed in your home – it could be helpful to our artists. You can attach images with your submission.

We will take a deeper look into your inquiry, and we will contact you with an offer. The offer is not binding. You can take your time to think through the offer before deciding if you’d wish to commit to the order.

Contact us at:

    Larger inquiries to offices or public spaces:

    Are you planning to decorate your office space or public space with art? We are a growing community of now 14 artists. Contact us for an offer with some details about your project:

    Would you like to bring your office or a public space to life with our art? We make bigger deliveries on offer. We are a growing, currently a community of 14 artists. Contact us and tell us about your needs and we will be happy to make you an offer.