Pillow Case -  Growth and Blaze

Pillow Case - Growth and Blaze

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Type: An Interior Design Pillow Cover 
Size: 50 cm x 50 cm
Specifications: 100% thick cotton, with a zipper on the bottom. The same image on both sides. 
Made in Finland. This product has received a Key Flag symbol (Avainlippu). The Key Flag Symbol offers reliable information on the Finnish origin of a product or service.

Other features:
Art by Iivanainen brand logo etiquette
Machine washable at 60 degrees 

Designer: Salla Iivanainen 
Series: Forest Ride
Title: Growth and Blaze

Style and lighten up your home fast for different occasions with our artistic, high quality design pillow cases, made in Finland. These 100% cotton pillow covers are an ecological and beautiful choice to brighten up your home, office or cottage easily.

Designed by Finnish, rising designer and artists. By buying from Art by Iivanainen, you also support Finnish designers and artists, and contribute to protecting the creative industry against the COVID-19 restrictions.

Note: This is a pillow cover. Pillows need to be purchased separately. 50 cm x 50 cm is a standard interior design pillow case size available in most home decoration shops.