Collection: Design by Marianne Littow

Marianne Littow is a talented and known graphic designer and artist from Oulu, and a Member of the Finnish Watercolor Association (SAy).

Latest Exhibitions:
2020 Gallery Oskari Jauhiainen, Oulu, Finland
2019 Gallery Hämärä, Lapland University, Finland
2019 Co-Exhibition at Arktikum, Rovaniemi, Finland
2018 Co-Exhibition at Emil Sedergreuz museum, Finland

Lapland University, School of Arts, Design, and Architecture, Master of Graphics Design (ongoing)

Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Bachelor of Design (Graduated, 2015)

Artist thoughts about her work:
“In my work I am exploring my relationship to the nature that surrounds me. As I traverse I save colours, contrasts and the changing light and shadow. These elements combine, meld and become the subject of my painting.

I am walking a line that divides realism and abstraction. 
A feeling of space, naturalistic brush strokes and colour contrasts are important elements in my work.”

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