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Marianne "Nanne" Kiesi is a talented designer from Espoo, Finland. She's widely experienced from varying roles in the garment and fabrics business, which she also has studied. For example, for 3 years she was involved in creating a Finnish children's clothing brand Hicca and their collection.

At Art by Iivanainen, Nanne creates contemporary and fresh interior designs, compositions of decoration textiles and graphic patterns, logo designs, and provides our community with her holistic views on brand design and design thinking. 

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Culture and Arts, Fashion and Clothing 

Designer's Thoughts 
"Visual thinking has always been a great share of my nature, and I could not easily imagine myself in a profession where I could not holistically combine a concrete use of hands with creative thinking. I express myself in visual ways. 

Creating something concrete and expressive with my hands is just indispensable and natural for me. I would say I just get inspired about everything, at all the times. The music I hear, the people I meet, the experiences I face or hear about, both delighting and sad. For me, the whole world is a creative pool full of ideas, and I sincerely wish that I'm able to capture and pass on some of those experiences to other people via my visual designs."

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In addition to her wide involvement at Art by Iivanainen, Nanne is a founder of the design house N.KOO Studio. You may reach for her expertise regarding logo and visual design, and professional quality photography. We are happy to help other companies pursuing creative efforts. Contact us at:
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