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Erika Vitikainen is one of of the founders of Art by Iivanainen. She got the sparkle for setting up this company, when the corona restrictions made the lives of the creative people utterly difficult. Erika has lived in Espoo, Mikkeli, Lisbon, and New York, and nowadays spends a great share of the years in the countryside. She has a twofold study and work background both in arts and technology. 

Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts
Aalto University, International Business

Designer Thoughts 
"I believe simplification is a significant mean both in life generally, and in design. By simplifying we can focus on the essentials we experience, and share.

When we people look at or experience the same things, we see them differently- in as many ways as there are people present. By simplifying our own sights into images, we can find similarities, delight, and learn from each others. Simplification is a celebration of extraordinary essentials of creatures and experiences we face on our ways."

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