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Mikael Huhtala is a talented artist from Tampere, Finland. He has a rare talent to create magical, engaging nature views with a traditional oil technique, creating experiences hat are both fresh and everlasting at the same time. In addition to being an experienced painter, this multi-talented artist is a carpenter and a metal caster. 

Latest Exhibitions
Art space Terra, Kangasala, 2020

Artist thought's about his work
"Like so many people captured by art, it is difficult for me to pinpoint a clear beginning for my own path. Different expressions of creativity have always been with me. Actual painting, which is what I mainly do nowadays, came into the picture when I was 15 years old and whisked away by colors and especially watercolors after doing only pencil work. Very soon I wanted to try oil colors and that is the path I'm still on. Through my art studies, I became acquainted with the wonderful world of murals. I made my thesis on them and I then painted murals for about 17 years. My clientele includes several renowned Finnish brands.

Art is an important aspect of life. For me, it’s something tangible done by hand and an enchanting play with colors, shades and shapes. As an artist, I want to move away and disappear into the background so that the viewer can experience the same emotional experience as me. I want the viewer to be able to rejoice nature and life with and through the art.

A work of art is an object, a key to something very important. In this sense, I feel like a craftsman who patiently paints, carves, or draws the outline of a key for the viewer."

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