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Marjo has grown up in Finland, the country of thousands of lakes. Nowadays living in France, she gets frightened by the disasterous mountains of waste along the Atlantic. As a result she feels unresistable need to react by making experiments of things we can do out of material that is called ”trash”.

Kuopion Käsi- ja Taideteollisuus Oppilaitos (Kuopio Academy of Design), Kuopio 1989-1990
Taideteollinen korkeakoulu, Helsinki. Vaatetussuunnittelun osasto, 1991-1996
(Aalto, Department of Design)
TEYI, Ateena, Kreikka ja ESAA, Paris, Ranska Taideteollisen korkeakoulun Erasmus stipendillä 1993- 1995

Business Management Certificate of Hagen University in Germany, 2009-2010
Fashion and Sustainability Course, London College of Fashion 2019

Artist's Thoughts
”Saltwashed trash with it’s brilliant shades of green, blue and orange, boosts my creativity. With my art and design I want people to realize that what we call trash is in fact an valuable resource in creating unique design and art.”

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