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Hanne Bird is a Finnish artist from Järvenpää, southern Finland. She has studied figure drawing as well as acrylic and oil painting. Hanne is also a Member of the Union of Finnish Art Associations, and the Exhibition Coordinator of Järvenpää Art Association. Her delighting and playful dance of paintbrush on a canvas finds easily its way to one's  heart. 

Latest Exhibitions
Rajaton exhibition 1.2 -28.2.2021, Järvenpään Taidetalo
Järvenpää Art Association yearly exhibition 30.10-23.11.2020, Järnätti
Järvenpään Art Association summer exhibition 17.6-26.7.2020, Järvenpään Taidetalo

Artist Thoughts
”The end result is always unknown. I’m interested in the process of painting and working as freely and intuitively as possible. The process could is almost meditative. Painting, for me, is about making choices, questioning myself, and finding connections between different aspects. My work combines elements of landscape painting and abstractions. Everything is connected."
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