Collection: Art by Caritta Lammenperä

Caritta Lammenperä is a strongly expressive, skilled artist. Her influential, poetic artworks tell identifiable and touching stories about our lives. 

Latest Exhibitions
On the Way to my Flourishing—Words and Paintings About Being a Woman.
Helsinki, kääntöpaikka. Varkaus, jeskuskonttori. Oulu, pannukakkutalo. Tuusula, Gustavelund 2020-2021.

Artist’s Thoughts
”Now the subjects to my paintings come from close: womanhood, mothership, growing to be a woman, friendship between girls, sexuality, even though originally I was inspired to paint by my artists daddy. Nowadays the canvases can contain past, present, and future form my own, my daughter, and my friends’ lives. Additionally, I have worked as a special education teacher and as a nurse in mental health care, getting a deep touch in humanity. So, my paintings wrap a lot of my own life, and maybe also the viewer’s? I hope my art touches people in different life situation.

I mostly paint by intuition—from inside out, guided by the feelings. In that way the colors have an enormous meaning. I speak with light and shades. On the opposite, part of my paintings is actionable, a need for a movement. I also occasionally paint poems into images, and then I plan more, thinking how to capture this experience and feeling of the poet into an image. There is no one way to paint. Painting is everything.” 

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  • The Breath in My Gaze
    Caritta Lammenperä
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