The Last Animal Standing

The Last Animal Standing

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Title: The Last Animal Standing (FI: Viimeinen eläin pystyssä)
Series: The Transient Things
Artist: Erika Vitikainen
Size: 31 cm x 41 cm with the frames, 20 cm x 28 cm without the frames
Technique: Aquarelle on paper
Frames: yes, black, with a black passepartout

Artist thoughts about these work: 

"With the series of Transient Things I both grieve and celebrate the transient things of our world.  Even though the destruction sometimes seems inevitable and daunting, there is also a hint of hope in my work displayed through the fragile beauty of these creatures and phenomenon. I hope and want to believe that the generations after us will cherish them to the level of saving them. 

What we see here was natural, spontaneous, something to take as granted, when I was a small kid. Technology has provided us with a deeper understanding of the consequences of our actions for this world, and every year we get more explicit prove about this. It horrifies me that everything I was taught in my economic schooling about maximizing company and shareholder value without a question, would help me to destroy what I deeply love—unless I take an action, and use my knowledge differently, I hope.

I celebrate the valuable bond we can create between arts and technology, if we choose wisely. Arts will help us to find the way and apprehend our values, and technology will help us to take an action, when we are ready."